I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night…….

Like to support local music….keep reading

Happy New year but….I am still waiting

To say the least it has been a while.

I have stopped reviewing concerts because I lost track of the many I I critiqued. Besides I won’t be surprised that less than 5 people stopped to read these posts in the past year.

That is something I have learn in the past two years, something God has taught me: “Many good deeds may not go seen.”

I grew up working to earn respect and pleasing others before myself that is why it has been so difficult to rest in Matthew 6:3-4 and learn to accept that Jesus has done everything. I cannot add an extra minute to my day to do good because He took my works, guilt and selfishness on the Cross.

These two songs have been on repeat, reminding me that He sees His Son in Me:

Waiting for Him when I awake every morning, to see His smile again 🙂

It’s all Glory to Him…not me

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