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Terms and Examples part 2, Final part

Automation – *engine *lungs *fight or flight reflexes

Physical Example: Video: Blinking

Avt280 -AishaH.Example of Automation – “Blinking”

Variability – *Water *Jelly *color *customization

Physical Example: Dirt

Transcoding – *sign Language *brail *color code *an accent

Physical Example: a poem

“Pennies from Heaven”

By Aisha Hussain (2009)

i hold your hand, while you hold mine

and we’ll look back at the time

when we didn’t have each other

what had happened without one another


all i can really remember is us

and how we promised our lives

for each other

lets break this vow

just this once

and speak of what we

have a lifetime to make up.


when you are ‘each’

and im the ‘other’

how two words can so…


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