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Satire – Jesus Fish Spring 2012

:Satire Jesus Fish:

The word BAIT is labeled inside the Ichthys aka: Jesus Fish. The fish symbol started it’s use after the resurrection of Christ because followers of the Crucified were getting persecuted so this symbol was used to identify fellow Believers.


Over the years this symbol has been used in many clever ways. Thus leading to my example of using the word “BAIT”. Yes, it is ironic to say that fish are not used as bait but this signifies how the mission for the Lord’s followers is to “fish for men” / spread The Word of Truth. However people have commercialized ┬áthis symbol thus twisting the original meaning by placing words within the fish and distributing as Bait to attract people to Jesus. It has been wrongfully and rightfully used. That is why I wanted to twist this recognizable seeing the symbol with both a negative and positive lens.

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