I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night…….

Like to support local music….keep reading

New beginnings…

Breathing deep into the Word <3

Jam out to one of my favorite tunes,

*(this track helps me write 8 page papers)*

After my nightly routine on lighting my candles and thinking about the new dub-step song I discovered I think about the many changes this past week…that have been far from my normal routine:

1. Dinner with family for the 1st time in 3 years has been a major answer to prayer 🙂

2. Blessed with my 1st car this past week; the new responsibly is wonderful and challenging.

3. Getting ready with the reality that I will be done with college in a few months has been a big BAM in the face….!


I am not alone and I have a Heavenly Father helping me make all my decisions and guiding me through my daily falls.

I am excited to see what the world of Radio/Music/Film/Promotion brings me! I pray to continue to discover exceptional artists seeking for support and encouragement.

If you know any record label in need of branding/marketing and further promotion….hit me up.(Thanks in advanced)


Simply Love Love <3



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