I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night…….

Like to support local music….keep reading

Baby it’s cold outside….

this means you should be listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!

I personally enjoy listening to Christmas music during the ‘off season’

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Here is one I personally enjoy listening to:


This song is beautiful and a melody my heart craves every holiday season 🙂

Also if you are a fan of My Chemical Romance well your in LUCK!

They have already released 3 songs from their new album releasing this month = they will be touring soooooooooon!

Here is a link to their myspace:


also a link to download their new song:


So far:

Na Na Na Na

Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back


are so far released!!!!!

Random but whatever….

Ricky Martin was on Oprah this past week…and he released a memoir

Buy it here:


I got it and I’ll be reading it during the Christmas break, a little treat for tuckin’ through this semester 🙂

Love Love,


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