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Who do you want to see here at WGMU?

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on September 17, 2010 by 23prpk

Paki-Rican updating you and reminding you….that you make the station!

As a listener and reader I want to know what you want to see here at WGMURadio!

This coming week:



Call in at 12pm-1pm on Wednesday!!!!


Cultural Fusion is coming up!

Here is the link


WGMURadio will be there….DO NOT MISS OUT!


Call in at 993-WGMU

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on September 13, 2010 by 23prpk

This Wednesday at “I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night”

Marko Maddox will be at the station on September 15th at the George Mason Fairfax campus in the WGMURadio station!

Call in to ask him a question!

Thanks for all your support at your college radio station at wgmuradio.com

-also please e-mail me to request artists you would like to hear on-Air or at the station LIVE!

Take care and I hope your classes are well and that you are learning to change this world for the good!



Are you ready for press the [play] button again….

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on August 31, 2010 by 23prpk


I know I fell off the face of the earth this summer….been charging up for this fall!

I’ll be attending a show at 9:30 club this Friday in regards to interviewing Hotspur. I’ll post the interview as soon as I get in the production studio to edit it.

Furthermore I have a line up of artists that will be hoppin’ with me at my regular show “I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night”

Honor By August


The Dreamscapes Project

Marko Maddox


A buddy of mine names Windell

So keep up to date at www.wgmuradio.com

Peace and Love

When you see a tattoo like that your like ‘What?!’

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on May 4, 2010 by 23prpk


Have you thought about how people get tattoos of the most stupidest things…!

That was a random thought…but

I wanted to give you a heads up about Warped Tour…tickets are one sale soon!


Mayhem Fest also:::::


Sorry I have been overwhelmed with studying for my final coming up…eh


‘I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night’ from 12pm – 1pm last show of the semester tomorrow!

Call in…..I have a few Alternative Press Magazines to give out…call me at: 703-993-WGMU!

Peace and Love,


A crazy week….! Press play now!

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on May 3, 2010 by 23prpk

So I know everyone is all hyped for finals but please try to chill and relax to some good music to release your nerves.

Here are some local bands I would recommend to breath to:





Peace and Love,


When you hear a song for the first time….

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on May 2, 2010 by 23prpk

Can you decribe the feeling in one word?

Most of the time it can be difficult when you want to share it to a close friend or an acquaintance. It is so much easier to simply share the song to another person….!

I ran into this local band called The Influence and the song “Ocean of Mine” has been a refreshing breeze to the past two days of HOT HOT sun!

I recommend them if you like chill acoustical and mellow melodic lyrics. They create beats to swing your feet to when chilling at the George Mason Campus studying this week.



Official website:


Take care,


Every Freakin’ Friday…have you gone?

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on April 18, 2010 by 23prpk

If you have never been to an EFF even here at George Mason University you are missing on a lot of fun and FREE food!

This past Friday at band play for broke students for free!

They are named ‘Ohio Avenue’

I was working during the show as a cashier in front of the Burger King *Gotta do what I gotta do! =)* so I was ‘attending’ the event as I was working.

My co-workers enjoyed the music too, it was a fun jammin session.

They did impress me and I was so happy to have some time to talk to them after I got off from work. They spoke about an organization called “She Dances” – http://www.shedances.org/

this non-profit raised awareness for children effect by trafficking. Personally I have been raising awareness about this horrible (and oldest) business in the world. This tugged at my heart to talk to them.

As we shard our passion for Truth other people crowed around our conversation. That was enlightening to see others with the same interest.

So the point is….

Music is not all about the fame or money….not at all. It’s about PASSION and presenting it in ways that can transent lives for the BETTER….Music is an INTERNATIONAL language. Translation is not needed becasue its a feeling for deaf, blind and for those that have the blessing to hear and see.

Check them out…they are going to be bouncing on various College Campuses on the East coast for a couple weeks.




Warm Chololate Chip Cookies…

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on April 11, 2010 by 23prpk

Warm cookies inspire me to blast my music on high to feel my heart beat faster….well sometimes.


I Saw A Ghost is going to play tonight at Jammin’ Java go and check it out tonight @ 5:15pm


and here are directions from Mason to Jammin’ Java :


An upcoming interview this week  “Escape the Armada” is going to join me at the production studio for an exclusive inside peek about their upcoming plans for next weeks show at Jaxx Nightclub and what they are planning on doing this summer….maybe Warped Tour!

Check this out also…

Both Escape the Armada and Crash Boom Bang are preforming at Jaxx Nightclub on the 17th


Take care all and keep truckin through for the next month….SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!



Spring is here!

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This means…..get ready for outdoor CONCERTS!

DC 101 Chilli Cook-off: http://www.dc101chilicookoff.com/main.html

Rockstar Mayhem: http://mayhemfest.com/presale/index.html

Warped Tour 2010: http://www.warpedtour.com/presale/index.html

This only a small list…but the line ups to these concerts are going to make 2o11!

I would recommend those that have a passion to give to actually look into volunteer for some sponsors that are supporting these concerts….you may be surprised to see who you will meet while helping out!

Upcoming bands that are going to joining me here at the station are

*Escape the Armada : http://www.myspace.com/escapethearmada

*Crash Boom Bang: http://www.myspace.com/crashboombang

Check out their music…so when they are at the station you can hit up the request line and talk to them!

Take care and enjoy the beautiful weather,


A local band “I Saw A Ghost” visited today… =)

Posted in Talk about moshing.... on March 24, 2010 by 23prpk

Paki-Rican updating you with the latest news about local show and epic experiences here at Mason!

A local band called “I Saw A Ghost” visited the fish bowl on the Fairfax campus here at George Mason University! They were a very chill group of guys!

They have a show coming up at Jammin’ Java at 5pm on April 11th

Tickets are 10 dollars

Here is the link to buy tickets: http://jamminjava.3dcartstores.com/view_cart.asp?catid=

Check out their website to get a preview of their new album coming out soon!


Details on some upcoming band interviews are coming soon!

On the meanwhile go ahead and check out this song that has been replaying on my mind all day…


Peace and Love,