I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night…….

Like to support local music….keep reading

Every Freakin’ Friday…have you gone?

If you have never been to an EFF even here at George Mason University you are missing on a lot of fun and FREE food!

This past Friday at band play for broke students for free!

They are named ‘Ohio Avenue’

I was working during the show as a cashier in front of the Burger King *Gotta do what I gotta do! =)* so I was ‘attending’ the event as I was working.

My co-workers enjoyed the music too, it was a fun jammin session.

They did impress me and I was so happy to have some time to talk to them after I got off from work. They spoke about an organization called “She Dances” – http://www.shedances.org/

this non-profit raised awareness for children effect by trafficking. Personally I have been raising awareness about this horrible (and oldest) business in the world. This tugged at my heart to talk to them.

As we shard our passion for Truth other people crowed around our conversation. That was enlightening to see others with the same interest.

So the point is….

Music is not all about the fame or money….not at all. It’s about PASSION and presenting it in ways that can transent lives for the BETTER….Music is an INTERNATIONAL language. Translation is not needed becasue its a feeling for deaf, blind and for those that have the blessing to hear and see.

Check them out…they are going to be bouncing on various College Campuses on the East coast for a couple weeks.




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