I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night…….

Like to support local music….keep reading

Got a bruise on my back…

What does it take to show dedication or appreciation to your hero? bruises

Haha, makes me laugh now…I was NOT laughing while getting back home at 3am this past Weds.

Whatever….I am small and I swallowed my fear to jump *cough*cough* I mean DIVE!

The 9:30 club is honestly one of best venues to see local to world renowned bands.

Seeing Atreyu for the second time made me relive that St. Patrick’s Day back in 08. Loved the hype of other devoted fans pushing and sweating together with the ridiculous riffs and instance drumming.

Upon the adrenaline rush with Atreyu….the Used began with “Blood on My Hands” from their new album called “Artwork”

…………By that time I had moshed and crowd surfed  a couple times.

I was lucky enough to get on state with this life changing band of mine (i found out the day after that they always do this) but whatever….Bert (the EPIC singer) pulled me on stage…other crazy and much much younger girls dragged along on stage. I spotted my friend Emily crowed serving towards the stage (duh) and pulled her on stage also.

So to say the least…bruises are the best way to show how much you LOVE a Bands Music.

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