I Lost My Voice At That Show Last Night…….

Like to support local music….keep reading

Midterm dates are getting closer and closer….

That means while you study you should be tuned into WGMURadio.com…..we stream 24-7!!!!

I am also buckling down for two midterms, think this time around it’s late in the semester for midterms but oh well I am happy and so ready to kick them in the butt.

Some buddies of mine call in this Weds called ‘The Kin”

The formula is: Beautiful Chemistry + Beautiful People + Beautiful Lyrics = An amazing live show with the Kin.

Check out their tour dates at: http://www.thekin.com

I plan helping with the Merch table during their 29th show date, hit me up if you wanna car pool with my friends and I.

Alex Pilloti will be chillin’ at the station this week, he is a songwriter that links his everyday life into jamms that will keep you chanting all day long. I am excited, his heart is in the right place and I am excited to see Mason embrace his music.


I am inviting you to a Fundraising event on NOVEMBER 13th 11am-3pm in the BISTRO

Admission charge is pending.

The Engineer department is sending 5 undergrad students to go to Peru to help rebuild a take that filters water in March.

NOVEMBER 13th is one of many dates to fundraise the event!

Let’s send students to do hands on work and to help rebuild lives and give generations a chance to do further change.

Also you have good rest of your weekend and I’ll catch you live on – AIR on Weds at 12pm!

Peace and Love

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