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Suicidal Cookie – Stop Motion Film Spring 2012

Posted in AVT 280 on March 26, 2012 by 23prpk



A cookie finds a glass of milk….only to find that he will drown!!!!!

Other parts of him tries to help him out….but they all fail.

Principals of New Media Project 1, Part 1

Posted in AVT 280 on January 24, 2012 by 23prpk

Numerical Representation:

* Watts

*Paper Weight

* F-stops

Drawing of a musical note made up of numbers:

An Eighth Note made up of 1's. This note contains one single beat

Further reference on numeral note value:



*Spring in a mechanical pencil

*Wick to a candle

*Note for a song

Model: Scarf


In Croche looping a single string creates surface area. This is made up of a 2 loop pattern.